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Aug 11, 2015

Brooklyn-based Songwriter/Musician/Artist Zachery Allan Starkey may find his inspiration in iconic synth touchstones like New Order & Depeche Mode but the glorious results are all his own. From working class Ohio to art-infused Bushwick, Zachery's path wasn't without challenges but it was all a set-up for his three solo albums. The most recent, 2013's DIY, was entirely performed and produced by Zachery and features the frosty new wave track "Into the Sun," inspired by the passing of his grandfather, who ignited his interest in the arts. His latest project is ZGRT, a collaboration with Rob Interface and Jo-Anne Hyun. Released April 2015, their debut single "Hard Power" was co-produced by Zachery and Gavin Russom (DFA Records, LCD Soundsystem) and is the first taste of more to come.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/039: Depeche Mode-The 80s

Zachery's music recalls the sound and spirit of new wave; so naturally I looked to one of his inspirations for this week's Spotify playlist. Depeche Mode. In particular, the period before they broke through the mainstream with 1990's Violator. This playlist is Strictly for the 80s! Nearly two hours of my favorite DM tracks all mixed up for maximum re/discovery. Enjoy!                               



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