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Aug 18, 2015

JOE BUCKingham is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. His connection to music is vast and celebrated beginning with his big break designing 1991's De La Soul is Dead album cover. Since then his artistic journey has been a series of reinventions and milestones including projects with Ecko and The Fader magazine, album covers for Redefinition Records and even the classic Native Tongue logo. Whether creating an aesthetic for brands or creating his own fine art, Joe's unique style is simultaneously timeless and fresh.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist:

This week's playlist is gently used. Previously owned. Twice! But if you missed out before-- twice!--then it's new to you. In honor of Joe's hip-hop inspired work, I'm bringing back my exclusive Spotify four hour hip-hip digital box set of my favorite rap music. Enjoy!                                                                


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