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Aug 25, 2015

Witnessing Josh Dion drumming is as equally exciting as listening to his soulful voice. Whether he's performing with other acts (including previous TMT guest Nate Wood, episode #37) or in his own band Paris Monster, Josh's unique style is a visceral experience. Along with bassist Geoff Kraly, Paris Monster is the ultimate example of musical multitasking where Josh simultaneously drums, plays keys and sings. Their debut EP, It Once Had Been Kind, sacrifices none of the thrills of their live performances with five stunning examples from your new favorite duo.

Visit Josh Dion online:                                                                                          


Talk Music Talk Playlist/041: Some Random
This week's Spotify playlist might be inspired by Josh Dion and Paris Monster or it simply might be a collection of songs, new and old, that sound good keeping company with Paris Monster. A little Beck, some Hot Chip and a few other treats. Well, I'll let you decide for yourself. Enjoy!                         



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