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Nov 8, 2015

As the Brooklyn Rail's Music Editor, critic at the New York Classical Review and with his own Big City blog, George Grella covers the musical waterfront with an informed and creative point of view. Often forceful and always entertaining, George doesn't shelter his opinions in hyperbole including in his just-released book on Miles Davis' Bitches Brew. It's the Brooklyn writer's exploration of the 1970 classic that isn't quite jazz and isn't quite rock; but its own island of a genius working at the peak of his powers. The book-length essay is the 110th volume in the 33 1/3 book series and also their first jazz title. George's writing provides an aerial view of not only the innovative creation of the album but also its history and influence. George Grella's book is the definitive map of a masterpiece.  

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Talk Music Talk Playlist:
This week's Spotify playlist was lovingly curated by George Grella. He calls it Directions in Music by Miles Davis. It's a generous digital box set highlighting essential tracks from Miles that charts the path up to and including Bitches Brew, plus a handful of his influences. Somehow over 5 hours of Miles doesn't feel quite enough. Enjoy!



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