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Nov 7, 2015

Music business consultant Rick Goetz is standing tall at the crossroads of a rapidly changing industry where the gatekeepers are fewer and the musicians posses more beneficial options than ever. Your favorite band at the local dive bar can now foster their audience through social media, YouTube or SoundCloud. Between sluggish album sales and low-paying streaming, companies like Rick's appropriately named Music Consultant are giving the indie artist the chance for a fulfilling career sans a major label, but still providing many of the same advantages like creating marketing plans or A&R services. In an uncertain landscape, even major artists like Elton John and Sting have utilized Music Consultant to increase their odds for a blockbuster album. With 20 years of experience under his belt including stints as a major label A&R representative, a music supervisor, an artist manager and as a bassist in his own 90's band Dine-O-Matic, Rick has truly seen the music industry from both sides now.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/051: Achtung '90s!
This week's Spotify playlist was inspired by Rick Goetz's '90s alt-band Dine-O-Matic which means I've gone way overboard with nearly two hours of my favorite sounds from the decade when people paid good money for tangible music. I'm talking about you, compact discs. I'm bringing a TMT mix of album cuts, smash hits and rarities. Acoustic Depeche Mode. Soundtrack Sinéad. Early Hole. Rare Pearl Jam. Plus, 21 more carefully curated songs for your highest pleasure. Enjoy!


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