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Dec 3, 2015

2015 has been an eventful year for pianist/composer/producer Jesse Fischer. He released two records that managed to reveal multiple aspects of his talent. First there was Vein Melter, a collaboration with horn player Sly5thAve, that was a powerful reimagining of Herbie Hancock's 70's fusion masterpiece, Headhunters. Then in September, Jesse returned as a bandleader with the diverse, poignant Day Dreamer that found him adding lyrics to his music for the time. Day Dreamer stars vocalist/composer and two-time TMT guest (episodes #21 & #36), Sarah Elizabeth Charles, on four titles. In addition to introducing me to Jesse, Sarah was also my connection to the group Ajoyo, who are led by multi-woodwind player Yacine Boularès with Sarah as the featured vocalist. Listen to companion episode #57 of TMT to hear my conversation with Yacine.

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*****In my intro and outro, I mistakenly refer to Jesse's Vein Melter collaborator Sly5thAve as "Sly5thAvenue". My apologies to him.


Talk Music Talk Playlist/056 & 057: Ajoyo + Jesse Fischer EP This week's Spotify playlist is both short and delightful featuring just a smidgen of music from my companion shows with Yacine Boularès of Ajoyo and Jesse Fischer. Three a piece. That's it.  It's just a sampler of their recent work to hopefully leave you wanting more. I'm sure it will. Enjoy!                                             


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