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Feb 16, 2016

After hearing the eclectic roster of cassette (and some vinyl) label Already Dead Tapes, it's no doubt that you'll be kicking yourself for tossing out that banana-yellow Walkman. It's okay; every ADT release comes with a digital download. But admit it, tapes are way more fun than MP3s. Based in Brooklyn via Chicago, ADT was founded in 2009 by Joshua Tabbia (and Sean Hartman). Since its inception, the label has carved out a respected reputation for its genre-defying list of artists from all over the world in small batches. Joshua says the curation process is a natural reflection of his own varied musical tastes. A graphic designer by day, the Kalamazoo-native also handles the creative design for the independent label. With dozens of releases every year from hip-hop to noise to alt-rock, ADT offers plenty to discover for music aficionados. Get a taste of the label with an exclusive 5-song sampler after our conversation.

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