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Nov 8, 2014

In a clear example of serendipity, I was in a TMT state of mind when I first heard Eyre's amazing voice. I was at the Barclays subway stop in Brooklyn and had just left my producer's studio. I was on a high because we'd completed "Liz"--the TMT theme song I'd written. My train was coming so I hastily typed in Eyre's website in my Notes app and checked out his website. I discovered through his blog he moved from California to New York nine months ago. He eloquently writes about his struggles in pursuing his musical dreams yet somehow maintains a positive attitude that is truly inspiring to anyone who's ever had a dream.

Visit Eyre online:

Eyre On YouTube:

Supernatural (Miguel cover):

I Am Light (India.Arie cover):

Pretty Wings (Maxwell cover):

Fight For You (original song):



Eyre is currently working on his debut album which means we only have his YouTube clips to play on repeat. If you're lucky enough to live in the New York you might be able to catch him performing at your subway stop. As we wait for his forthcoming release, I've compiled a playlist of music that emulates his inspiring, upbeat attitude. These songs were picked to brighten your morning commute or power up your treadmill run. The Good features recent songs from Mary J. Blige and Tensnake alongside classic pick-me-ups from Sarah Vaughan and Bill Withers. Enjoy!

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