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Jan 20, 2015

Poet/Hip-Hop Artist Jack Wilson (aka D.J. Brewer) has successfully made the transition from Pittsburgh to New York in the few years since his relocation in 2012. Before he moved, he got his start through slam poetry, representing his hometown at national poetry slams from 2000-2003. During his short time in New York, he's already released three EP's and most recently a mixtape entitled HERE, which is available as a free download at     You'll also find plenty of other Jack Wilson music at this link.

Jack was kind enough to give TMT a first-listen exclusive track "Daniel Striped". It was produced by Tom Phonic and will appear on his upcoming album MDSMPLS which will be available at  

In 2013, Jack appeared on my song "Get Me Audio" from my album of the same name. Take a listen here:


Jack Wilson on Instagram:


Talk Music Talk Playlist/011: Jack Wilson Picks

Coming in just under a lean 45 minutes, this week's playlist is a compendium of classic and recent hip-hop. All hand-chosen by Jack Wilson, these tracks give an insight into what artistically inspires him. Some Nas, old school The Coup and 2014's Run the Jewels sequel and nine other choice ones. Enjoy!


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