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Mar 1, 2015

Treehaus is the solo music project helmed by pianist/singer/producer Josh Jacobson. Although his 2014 debut, Afterglow, was a Prince-like one man band affair, he regularly performs live as a trio with drummer Andrew Marshall and Richard Emery doubled up on bass and guitar. Lyrically inspired by nature, Afterglow is an impeccable blend of jazz, electronic and even a little respect to his Chicago roots with tinges of house music. The seamless mix finds it continuity in Josh's lush production and soulful vocals.

Josh also DJ's as evidenced by his weekly music podcast which features classics, new tracks and live instrumentation from him. Subscribe on iTunes:

If 2014 was the introduction of this bright new talent, the journey continues in 2015 with a phenomenal new single "Underground" premiering on this episode of Talk Music Talk.

"Underground" will be available to purchase March 10 on iTunes and                   http://


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Talk Music Talk Playlist/018: Treehaus Edition:
This week's playlist not features select tracks from Treehaus' debut, Afterglow, it's also a throwback collection of some of my favorite house/dance tracks that perfectly compliment the Chicago-native's own soulful exploration of the genre. From the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles to the Roisin Murphy-led Moloko. Enjoy!

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