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Apr 7, 2015

Jack Rabid has not only lived through New York's early 80s punk movement, he's also a documentarian of the Lower East Side history. As editor/publisher (and co-founded with the late Dave Stein) of The Big Takeover magazine, he's spent the past 35 years detailing music in all its colorful forms. From a fanzine dedicated to The Stimulators to a full-fledged bi-annual magazine, Jack's publication shows no signs of flagging despite the print industry's woes.

In addition to running a magazine for three and a half decades, Jack is also a drummer. There was the early DIY band The Even Worse (whose first show was opening for The Stimulators) and the '90s critics' darlings Springhouse. He's also done stints with Last Burning Embers and Leaving Trains.

Jack also has an online radio show, The Big Takeover Show, where he curates nearly two hours of music he can't stop playing and thinks you should, too.  Listen:

The Big Takeover magazine online:                          

Talk Music Talk Playlist/023: Dream! Dream! Dream!
For better or worse, Jack's band Springhouse inherited the shoegaze and dreampop tags during their heyday. Unfortunately labels are often too thin to contain the full depth of a band. With that said, this week's compilation features a dozen selections from their shoegaze brethren including pioneers My Bloody Valentine and Ride plus a recent addition to the genre, Cheatahs. Enjoy!


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