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Apr 27, 2015

To label Mel D. Cole a music photographer seems too thin a description. Yes, he was dubbed as one of Complex magazine's 50 Greatest Music Photographers. Yes, he's the "house photographer" of The Roots crew and Questlove hailed him as his favorite contemporary photographer. And of course, his exquisite black and white photos perfectly capture the performances of artists like Lauryn Hill, Nas and Common. However, Mel is equally adept at travel, nightlife and street photography. His talent is as immense as his creative choices regardless of the setting or subject. To see for yourself, visit him at his website http:// or blog


Talk Music Talk Playlist/026: The Hip-Hop

Inspired by the hip-hop imagery of Mel D.Cole, this week's TMT Spotify playlist is a collection of my favorite rap music spanning several decades! I couldn't stop at 10 or 15 tracks or even 30-- at 50 songs and nearly 4 hours in length, this is a portable box set curated for your pleasure. It's full of both well-known and album cuts from dozens of artists including Kanye to MC Lyte to Drake and Das EFX with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige, included because it just makes sense. Enjoy...and share generously!                                           


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"Liz (The Talk Music Talk Theme)"-FULL VERSION

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