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Jun 10, 2015

Finnish-American singer/songwriter Janita (pronounced "YAH-nee-tuh") moved to Brooklyn at the tender age of 17, but not before setting her homeland afire as a highly popular singer and actor. Since then she's released several albums, including a stint on Sony, that have seen her style evolve from the very poppy to the evolved Didn't You, My Dear? Janita's just-released third American album is a lyrically honest and musically haunting statement from a talent crafting music on her own terms. In addition to performing music, she's also an activist for musicians receiving adequate payment for radio airplay; since early 2014 she's represented the grassroots #IRespectMusic campaign.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/032: The Portable Meshell

This week's Spotfiy playlist was inspired by a major influence of Janita: Meshell Ndegeocello. A conversation with the fiercely eclectic artist cemented Janita's decision to follow her own musical path. The Portable Meshell is evidence of an artist fully comfortable in basically in genre. 25 songs covering her entire career, this is a playlist for the adventurous music lover. Dig deep. Enjoy!                                                                                


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