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Nov 22, 2015

Singer-songwriter and up-and-coming pop star Ellis Martin has easily fulfilled the willful maxim, "Give the People What They Don't Know They Want" with an innovative amalgamation of electronica, '60s Motown and doo-wop that he calls "Molly Pop". Although the label might ring as provocative, it doesn't detract from music that is simultaneously contemporary and timeless. For proof, just listen to his debut EP, Pornotopia, co-produced by fellow Stanford U. alum, Jidenna, whose "Classic Man" hit was released on Janelle Monae's Wondaland label. Originally from South Side Chicago, Ellis is now based in New York and working on volume two of Pornotopia which will see a 2016 release. In the meantime, he's preparing to spread his titular concept, an insanely melodic stance against society's inauthentic view of sex and love, with a slate of live performances. Welcome to Planet Pornotopia!

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/053: Motor City Rare                                                          This week's Spotify playlist is in tribute to Ellis Martin's love of classic Motown music. Instead of the usual "Big Chill" choices heard on every commercial and elevator, I decided to go a little deeper. Yes, it's the same musical heroes you admire but with songs that weren't played on the radio or rode high on the charts. The Supremes. Smokey. Plus, lesser known greats like the Originals and many more. I made it just for you. Enjoy!                                                                               


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