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Nov 23, 2015

Is "Haunt" a musical genre? If not, may I humbly nominate Brooklyn duo the Bright Smoke as its progenitors? Consisting of Mia Wilson (vocals/guitar) and Quincy Ledbetter (multi- instrumentalist/filmmaker), their second full-length release, Terrible Towns, is the 2015 album most likely to break your heart before putting it back together. With Mia's soft-focus vocals and the evocative landscapes Quincy builds beneath her, the sustained mood is the highest example of why albums still matter. And if only to sweeten an already delicious aural dish, Quincy directed a video trilogy of Terrible Towns songs that premiered on Yes, "Haunt" definitely feels correct.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/054: Blue Nights, Gray Mornings
This is week's Spotify playlist is definitely in my wheelhouse. It was hardly a struggle to corral a collection of songs that are so lonely, so forlorned, so slow, you'll either be moved to tears or concerned for my emotional well-being. But don't worry about me; in the words of past TMT guest and music biographer James Gavin: "Sad songs make you feel less alone." I wholeheartedly agree. Who's to argue with Dusty Springfield, Sade, Beach House, Kate Bush or Luther Vandross? Plus a song from the Bright Smoke, who inspired the playlist. Besides two signs of life from Mary J. Blige and Pink Floyd, it's two hours and a half of melancholy. Don't call the doctor; I don't need a cure. Enjoy!


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