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Nov 30, 2015

It's hardly a coincidence that the enthusiasm careening from J. Hoard's earworm of a single "Not So Fast" is an accurate portrait of the artist as a young man. Mildly pretentious James Joyce references aside, one can experience the celebration Jonathan demonstrates in his performances and on his aptly-titled debut EP, Feel Good. The Columbus, OH native currently resides in Brooklyn and is perfecting the upcoming full-length Feel Good album. Jonathan is also busy performing on stages from city to city including Gentei Kaijo's the Lesson, a Thursday nite jam at Arlene's Grocery, where you can catch Jonathan freestyle singing (and dancing) to weekly packed crowds. Just try to deny the unadulterated joy and immense talent of J. Hoard.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/055: Oh Brandy!
This week's Spotify playlist is my unabashed tribute to Brandy. J. Hoard and I raved on her brilliance in our conversation and I'm actually surprised I haven't compiled a playlist sooner. Therefore, I'm making up for lost time with over three dozen of my favorite songs. From the self- titled debut to Ms. Norwood's 2012 comeback with a few rarities tossed in here and there. If you're only familiar with the big hits, here's your chance to study Brandy's original lead vocals and innovative backing arrangements. Class! Enjoy!


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