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Dec 18, 2015

Multi-woodwind player Yacine Boularès is the bandleader of Ajoyo, which means "celebration" in Yoruba. It's a fitting name for a group whose songs represent a joyous, whirlwind synthesis of jazz, soul and African music. As a Fulbright Laureate, Yacine attended the New School for Jazz, where the French-Tunisian musician first met and collaborated with vocalist/composer Sarah Elizabeth Charles. Ajoyo's self-titled debut features the two-time TMT guest (episodes #21 & #36) on six of the eight titles. Sarah served as my introduction to Ajoyo and was also my entry point to pianist Jesse Fischer. Listen to companion episode #56 of TMT to hear my conversation with Jesse.

Yacine was recently awarded a French American Jazz Exchange grant to produce his new trio with cellist Vincent Segal and drummer Nasheet Waits. The project will premiere next year with an album plus performances. Hopefully, 2016 will also see the sophomore Ajoyo release.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/056 & 057: Ajoyo + Jesse Fischer EP This week's Spotify playlist is both short and delightful featuring just a smidgen of music from my companion shows with Yacine Boularès of Ajoyo and Jesse Fischer. Three a piece. That's it.  It's just a sampler of their recent work to hopefully leave you wanting more. I'm sure it will. Enjoy!                                                 


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