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Dec 14, 2015

Singer-Songwriter Steve Garvin first picked up the guitar at age 19 when he was a freshman at Villanova University. After graduation, he landed in Chinatown where his New York-sized bedroom doubles as a DIY recording studio. The result? His recently released EP, Don't Run Away, proves that maybe size really doesn't matter. The sound? A gorgeous rush of '60s- dappled harmonies and classic songwriting dipped in an array of '80s synth influences. The Midwestern transplant is intent on growing as an artist and perfecting his craft. So far? So good.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/059: Early Summer
My conversation with Steve Garvin inspired this week's Spotify playlist with his robust song "Don't Run Away" which feels like the perfect summer albeit a little late. Or maybe he's too early?! In any case, I chose a half-hour's worth of songs perfect for the summer that span a range of emotions from ballads to up-tempo numbers. From the obscure Betty Foster to the well-known, well-loved Beach Boys and the Kinks. Enjoy!                                                                                    


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