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Jan 5, 2016

Drummer. Feminist. Activist. Badass. Kiran Gandhi occupies these labels and also defies and expands them to her liking. Kiran is in constant motion from studying at Georgetown University to obtaining a Harvard MBA while simultaneously touring with M.I.A. to crafting a stint as Interscope Records' first digital analyst. She's also spoken at TEDxBrooklyn on her "Atomic Living" concept of finding multiple pillars that you're passionate about and then choosing the various moments and opportunities that arise to support them. Most recently, one of Kiran's pillars, gender equality, went viral in August of 2015. She ran the London marathon sans sanitary protection to give voice to "sisters who don't have tampons" and to end "period shaming". Post-race pictures display Kiran proudly posing with clear evidence of her menstrual cycle in effect. Yeah, just another day in the life of a badass. In 2016, Kiran will bring that same rebellious spirit to her debut album.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist: She's the Drummer
It's appropriately time for a previously used Spotify playlist. Episode 052 of TMT featured Mindy Abovitiz, creator and editor of Tom Tom magazine, the world's only periodical dedicated to female drummers. Mindy was also my introduction to Kiran Gandhi. For Mindy's playlist, I created a playlist featuring some of the best female drummers ever. Therefore, I bring you "She's the Drummer" once again. Velvet Underground's Maureen Tucker. The Go-Go's. Sheila E. and so much more. 70 minutes of phenomenal female percussion. Enjoy!        


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