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Jul 12, 2016

Producer and photographer João Gonzalez has gone on record saying that the Soft Glas tag visually represents the way his music sounds. This feels apt considering the project is a glorious synthesis of not only haunting, electronic soundscapes but also well-considered aesthetics. From the curation of João's Instagram and promotional images to the release of last year's dos EP, there hasn't been one wrong step. Yet nothing ever feels clinical or over calculated, on the contrary only a warmth resonates through the entire Soft Glas canon. Whether João's working with collaborators for his own music or producing for others like the violin duo (and friends), CharGaux, the Brooklyn-based musician is in utter command of his talents. 2016 year will reveal an embarrassment of riches when the dos follow-up, Late Bloom, arrives along with the Soft Glas-produced CharGaux album. This episode features a selection from both Soft Glas albums.

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