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Sep 15, 2015

The upward trajectory of R&B singer/composer/producer Daniel Bazán, Jr. is undeniable. An alumnus of NYU's acclaimed Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Check! Profile in JAY Z’s Life + Times magazine. Check! Performances at SOB's and Pianos in New York City. Check! These exciting milestones are merely the evidence of hard work and talent from this Queens native. Raised in the Dominican Republic, Daniel started playing the piano at the age of eleven which led to him defining his craft in churches, schools and cultural centers before a return to his birthplace. Eventual forays into jazz and hip-hop were integral stepping stones to the artist he is today. After a recent rebranding, Daniel is crafting a new chapter that finds his music style more soulful with an underpinning of jazz chops. His recently released demo "Wrong For You" is a glorious example. In addition to music, Daniel's also a distinctive photographer with a beautifully-curated and well-respected Instagram account. Daniel Bazán, Jr. is definitely One to Watch!

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In an off-air conversation with Daniel, he discussed his admiration of jazz pianist/composer Robert Glasper. As with previous TMT guest, Indian Soul progenitor Shilpa Ananth (Episode #38:, they both appreciate Glasper's seamless melding of jazz and soul music. This Spotify playlist was initially created for Shilpa's episode, but is being appropriately repurposed. It's a compilation of my favorite Glasper tracks from his two Black Rock projects featuring vocals from Erykah Badu, Norah Jones and more. Enjoy!                                         


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