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Feb 24, 2015

Jesse Cohen is 1/2 of the Brooklyn-based synth duo Tanlines. Their first release, Mixed Emotions, came out in 2012 with the follow-up expected Spring 2015. During the interim, the percussionist has not only spent the time crafting the band's upcoming album, he's been busy hosting his most excellent podcast No Effects with Jesse Cohen. The year-old show not only features Jesse's discussions with fellow musicians like Mapei and How to Dress Well's Tom Krell but also insightful interviews with journalists and actors.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/017: Jesse Cohen Edition Jesse is the consummate slasher: music artist/podcaster/DJ. This week's Spotify playlist was inspired by the eclecticism of his own Spotify playlists and DJ sets. The new and the old from Drake Prefuse 73 to the Walker Brothers and even a Jesse favorite, Beastie Boys. And of course, a handful of Tanlines tracks. Enjoy! 

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