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Dec 2, 2014

Eric Himan is an indie singer-songwriter with 7 studio albums released including his latest Gracefully. He's sold over 40,000 CD's and this year he opened for and performed with one of his musical heroes Ani DiFranco.

In 2005, I first met Eric in Pittsburgh shortly after the release of his third album Dark Horse. He was on tour to promote the release and briefly lived in the city. Touring has been a constant for Eric for over a decade and he's winding down in 2014 to take a break from the road. He'll still continue to release music which includes his forthcoming release Playing Cards. We discuss life on the road, Ani, being an out indie artist and more.

Visit Eric online:

Eric just launched a new campaign to raise money for his forthcoming EP, Playing Cards. Visit to pre-order.



This week's playlist is the best of Eric Himan...well, my favorite Eric Himan, but I'm confident you'll enjoy what I've chosen. These tracks span his decade-plus career from folk to r & b to a couple of covers and all the way up to his excellent latest release, Gracefully. If you're already a fan, you probably already love these songs or created your own personal playlist of favorites. If you're an Eric neophyte, here's your perfect 18 song introduction to an artist who stylistically covers the waterfront. Enjoy!

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