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Dec 9, 2014

JackLucy describes her music as Urban Folk. It's the amalgamation of a sound that combines two different genres that simultaneously describes what she does and provides a starting point to a larger conversation of eclecticism. She hails from Pittsburgh and currently resides in NYC where she regularly performs in various venues including Rockwood Music Hall and the Bitter End. She's currently working on new music to be released as live recordings in 2015.  Although we knew each other casually in Pittsburgh, where I'm also from originally, this was our first time having a conversation.

JackLucy details both professional and personal struggles in her life in our conversation. Following the path of our dreams can be challenging at times, so it's always inspiring to hear how someone has moved past the disappointments.  Enjoy!

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Bessie Coleman. The first African-American and first African-American female to hold an international pilot license.

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