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Dec 16, 2014

Josh Medsker hails from Anchorage, Alaska and is the creator/founder of the music & literary 'zine, Twenty-Four Hours. His 'zine is the perfect example of how his writing straddles both music journalism and prose/poetry. Issue #10 is out now and features a personal essay by Josh about youth, musical discovery and the salvation that only come from a song.

His writing has appeared in various publications including Maximumrocknroll, Perfect Sound Forever, Jersey Beat, The Anchorage Press, The Austin Chronicle, San Francisco Bay Guardian and He regularly publishes poetry and other creative work. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Leigh, and their four furry children.

Visit Twenty-Four Hours online:

The paper version of TFH is available at the following bookstores:
NYC- Bluestockings Books
CHICAGO- Quimby’s Books

Or online:
The TFH Etsy Shop

Talk Music Talk 006 Playlist/Josh Medsker Edition:

This week's Spotify playlist takes a turn for the punk. And post-punk. And a bit of metal, too. Wonderfully curated by Josh Medsker, it features tracks from past Twenty-Four Hours interviewees like The Dead Milkmen and The Cramps, alongside additional choice cuts from Joy Division and Motörhead. My advice? First, listen to the podcast then go online and read the latest issue of Twenty-Four Hours and let this careening playlist be your soundtrack.


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