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Dec 23, 2014

As a proud self-confessed music junkie, it's always exciting to meet a fellow addict to fill in the blanks of discovery. My first clue should have been Daniel's informative reviews on the website of Other Music, an esteemed record store located in lower Manhattan, where he is an employee. Sound unheard, I could read one of his reviews and purchase a new release based solely on his recommendation. This year's Shabazz Palaces and Neneh Cherry albums being standout examples. Obviously, I had to bring him on the show. It wasn't until I researched him that found out Daniel is a DJ, artist, poet, musician and more. Instead of only discussing 10 of his favorite albums of 2014, I was interested in hearing about his artistic career. It's the conversation that couldn't be contained within an hour. Enjoy!

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Other Music:


Talk Music Talk Playlist/007: Daniel Givens Edition


This week's TMT Spotify playlist is twice the bang! Two exciting playlists in one with the DNA of guest Daniel Givens running through both. The first half features 9 selections from Daniel's favorite albums of 2014; he chose the albums, I cherry-picked the songs (see list below). Since Daniel's quite the accomplished musician himself, the second half of the playlist is a TMT exclusive Best Of---per yours truly. Daniel's musical palette goes from trippy jazz excursions to moody dub and electronica. My advice? After listening to the interview, find a private place with some headphones and enter the aural eclipse from Daniel Givens' mind. Enjoy!

FKA Twigs "Give Up" LP1 Arca "Family Violence"

Xen Vessel "Black Leaves and Broken Branches" Punish, Honey

Andy Stott "Faith in Strangers" Faith In Strangers (Unavailable on Spotify)

*On Soundcloud:

Mr. Mitch "Wandering Glaciers" Parallel Memories

Francis Bebey "Tumu Pakara" Psychedelic Sanza

Shabazz Palaces "Motion Sickness" Less Majesty

Popcaan "Cool It" Where We Came From

Copeland "insult 2 injury" Because I'm Worth It

Azealiza Banks "Heavy Metal and Reflective" Broke with Expensive Taste


Selected List of Daniel's Daily Go-To Music Sites:


The Fader


trap mag






big up




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