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Dec 30, 2014

I was turned onto Jason Gross and his online magazine Perfect Sound Forever by previous TMT guest Josh Medsker (Episode 007). Created in 1993, PSF is one of the earliest online music publications. He's also the social media manager and a writer/editor at TheBlot, a digital culture publication. Jason's also written for The Wire and Village Voice.

The informal motto of TMT is "Conversation Through Music" and my talk with Jason is an excellent example. The intention was to discuss the trends of 2014 but current events in the news were also weaved into the interview.

Perfect Sound Forever
TheBlot Magazine

This week the TMT Spotify playlist went on holiday since Perfect Sound Forever did all the heavy lifting. With not one, but three playlists chosen by Jason Gross. It's an abundance of riches and the perfect (pun intended) way to close out the last TMT episode of 2014. Enjoy!


PSF December issue (music from the artists featured there):

Jason Gross' Favorite 2014 Albums:

Jason Gross' Favorite 2014 Songs:


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