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Feb 17, 2015

goste is Owen Ross. Owen Ross is goste. Whether he's flying solo or in a band setting, goste effortlessly combines organic and electronic sounds with his beautifully corrosive voice crashing through the mix. The Bushwick resident's latest EP, Eugene, is a deeper exploration of a sound he's been refining since his days at the Berklee College of Music. Since his move from Boston, he's been busy spreading the word with a regular spate of shows and planning his next release: a full-length album. Also on the 2015 docket, a cassette-only release of remixes featuring goste tracks reimagined by others on one side with his reworking of other artists songs on the flip. Can't wait!

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goste performing "Loadedlikeapistol" live at Converse Rubbertracks in Brooklyn:

Talk Music Talk Playlist/016: On deck this week for the Spotify playlist? Well, I was stymied at first; I knew I wanted to feature goste's music but what else would compliment it? The mix of organic and electronic, the darkness, the depth. It all started with a Joy Division track and from there I knew post-punk was the compass. Some Wire, some Siouxsie, early U2 and Psych Furs plus a WTF-but-this-is-so-good moment from 80's Brit-girl duo Strawberry Switchblade. This week's playlist is an abundance of moody riches jump started with the full goste EP, Eugene, trailed by 11 kinds of loneliness. Enjoy...if you're subject to melancholy.


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