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May 5, 2015

Christopher Botta calls his music electro-acoustic. An exciting intersection between his laptop and his electric guitar exploring the infinite possibilities between them. A musician, composer and engineer based in Brooklyn, Christopher is the co-founder (with drummer Joseph Branciforte) of the cellar and point, a 7-piece "garage-chamber" group, whose 2014 debut ambit was high-praised by everyone from The Brooklyn Rail to All About Jazz to BBC Radio. He also releases music through his solo project da kid. Explore the full breadth of this talented, exciting artist online: and


Talk Music Talk Playlist/027: The Electro TMT

This week's TMT Spotify Playlist was in part inspired by Christopher Botta. Mainly the electro side with roots firmly planted in the 80s. But you know I have to put a TMT twist on it and pair the synth decade with a little obscurity and the unexpected. Names you know with songs you might have missed, b-sides and Strawberry Switchblade. It's an hour of 80s fun featuring scores of my faves like Duran Duran, Five Star, The Human Leage and much more. Enjoy...and share generously!!!



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"Liz (The Talk Music Talk Theme)"-FULL VERSION

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