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May 19, 2015

Jazz/Folk singer-songwriter Ashley Daneman is only a few months out from her full-page feature in the prestigious Downbeat Magazine. The March 2015 issue celebrated the release of her debut album Beauty Indestructible. An achievement for any artist but especially for an indie artist without the luxury of a major-label backing. Currently based in NYC, the wife and mother of two kids saw the fulfillment of her album release at 37. Daneman's age should be an  unremarkable fact but it's really just a beautiful signpost of the adversities she's overcome on the path to Beauty Indestructible with the bonus that dreams don't have a deadline.                                                                                                              Visit Ashley online:

Talk Music Talk Playlist/029: Joni Mitchell Edition
Ashley says she was raised on Joni Mitchell. Ergo, this week's Spotify playlist is a re-run or shall we say previously used playlist from TMT Episode #15. In honor of Ashley (and if you missed it the first time), this super-sized 2 1/2 hours playlist is a TMT digital box set featuring Joni music spanning her entire career featuring dozens favorites. I dedicate this mix to this legendary genius who lately hasn't been in the best of health. Enjoy!                                                                   


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