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Jun 2, 2015

Singer/Composer/Pianist akie bermiss is the real deal! The one to watch! Possessor of a flexible gift that can veer from jazz to funk to hip-hop without losing his proverbial breath. The evidence is in his transcendent live performances and his EP akie. But perhaps the real proof is his opus- in-progress "Alien Love Songs", a 20 song suite. akie's performing many of the songs live and you'll even find some on his Soundcloud page. Visit him online to stay up-to-date: http:// or hear a wealth of akie's music on Soundcloud: bermiss

Talk Music Talk Playlist/031: The akie bermiss Edition This week's Spotify playlist is short and sweet. Short in length and long in classic soul inspired by akie bermiss. Digging deep into album cuts and the so-called flops, I've uncovered hidden treasures from artists you love with just a hint of songs that are familiar. All tied up with a pair from akie's eponymous EP. Settle in on a rainy day with tracks from Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Lauryn Hill and more. Enjoy!


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"Liz (The Talk Music Talk Theme)"-FULL VERSION

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