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Sep 1, 2015

Israeli born jazz guitarist and composer Idan Morim currently resides in New York where he recently graduated from the New School for Jazz. Prior to his move he'd been a professional musician since he was seventeen in his home country, served in their military (and band) and also toured China as a part of a theater company. Since graduation, Idan's  been busy overseeing group performances as a bandleader before heading into the recording studio. Look for his debut album late 2015/early 2016.

Visit Idan Morim Online:                                          (COMING SOON)


Talk Music Talk Playlist/042: Jazz Guitar Town
This week's Spotify playlist serves as both an inspiration of Idan Morim and a stopgap until his debut is released. And how can one go wrong with this eclectic collection of stringed heavyweights. From the hard bop of Wes Montgomery to the mystic duo of Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin. Plus, my favorite guitarist Frank Zappa in full jazz-rock mode. It's a boundary-free 75 minutes of jazz guitar that cajoles and challenges. Enjoy!                                              



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