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Sep 28, 2015

Rony's Insomnia is the creation of Rony Corcos and is a brilliant summation of her numerous talents: singer, songwriter, lead guitarist, producer and engineer. Count to Ten, the first title under her group name, is a dark and brooding song collection featuring mostly personal accounts with the exception of "Rose," which was inspired by the life and murder of four-year old Rose Pizem. The Jerusalem-born artist currently resides in New York where she regularly performs her unique brand of rock featuring threads of her jazz training and assorted influences. Count to Ten is one of the best albums I've heard this year; it should be yours, too!

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/046: Rony's Insomnia Edition

In this edition of the weekly TMT Spotify playlist, I took my inspiration from the darker-hued sounds of Rony's Insomnia. An excellent jumping off point! You could say that this playlist is music for a rainy day; but, that would be too simple. This is music for a thunderstorm featuring featuring the Kings and Queens of Pain: Sade, Nick Cave, Morrissey and new music from Lana Del Rey. There's even space for classic Black Sabbath and of course, a Rony's Insomnia selection.  A full 83 minutes of aural tears. Enjoy...well, not in the traditional sense.   


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