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Oct 25, 2015

I'm extremely honored to interview Highsnobiety's Jeff Carvalho for Talk Music Talk's 50th episode!!! As a partner and executive editor of the daily news site and coffee table worthy magazine (and their menswear site Selectism), Jeff is an astute overseer of what's vital in fashion, art, design and of course, music. Highsnobiety regularly features aural tastemakers like Pharrell and Oh Land with sumptuous layouts and insightful articles. Jeff says he's obsessed with music which is evident by Highsnobiety's consistent coverage and also through his lively Twitter feed. It's wonderfully common for Jeff to recommend the latest video or song that currently excites him. One more thing...he's also quite hyped about the return of cassettes. Sounds good to me.


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Talk Music Talk Playlist/050: Ready! Cassette! Go! 1985!
For the big 50, I had to do something extra special for this week's Spotify playlist. Of course, I was inspired by my guest Jeff Carvalho. In our interview, Jeff talked about reconnecting to cassettes and their unexpected comeback. In the 80s, cassettes were in their heyday and what better way to herald their revival than looking back to 1985. Arguably, this year has to be one of the most eclectic periods in recorded music and most of it could be heard on Top 40 radio!  So I bring to you some of my favorite singles and album cuts from a year that included music from Sting's solo debut to one of Madonna's best dance songs ever(!) to Aretha's comeback and early LL Cool J and the Smiths, Prefab Sprout and my favorite DeBarge song and...okay, nearly 2 and 1/2 hours of lovingly sequenced sounds that could easily take their place on the best mixtape ever. Well, maybe on two C74's; but you get my point. Enjoy!                            


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