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Dec 18, 2019

On this prelude to a very special 200th episode, boice collects three of his favorite past episodes with music photographer Mel D. Cole and musicians Half Waif and Rue Snider.

Episode 026: To label Mel D. Cole a music photographer seems too thin a description. Yes, he was dubbed as one of Complex magazine's 50 Greatest Music Photographers. Yes, he's the "house photographer" of The Roots crew and Questlove hailed him as his favorite contemporary photographer. And of course, his exquisite black and white photos perfectly capture the performances of artists like Lauryn Hill, Nas and Common. However, Mel is equally adept at travel, nightlife and street photography. His talent is as immense as his creative choices regardless of the setting or subject. To see for yourself, visit him at his website http:// or on the blog

Episode 118: Isn't it the greatest gift when an artist shares their interior world through their chosen medium? An objective Nandi Rose Plunkett had decidedly been working towards through the experimental pop music of Half Waif. Half Waif is the solo project of the Brooklyn-based singer/ songwriter in which she eventually realized her intention with lyrics that have became more lucid and unguarded over the span of her recording career. The paring down of barriers to their core innocence. Since the 2011 inception of Half Waif, Nandi's released two EP's, two full-length albums and form/a, her stunning new EP consisting of six meditations that reflect on her childhood, relationships and the wages of bare honesty. [This episode includes "Frost Burn" and "Night Heat" from form/a in their entirety.] Visit Half Waif online:

Episode 166: Indie singer-songwriter Rue Snider’s music is a feat of grit and perseverance. And while those are admirable traits, they might all be for nothing if they weren't backed up with a sheer talent for strong hooks. The Brooklyn-based musician’s third full-length album, City Living, is the evidence with its inspiration rooted in a New York story of struggles and a love for 80s rock. [This episode features “Don’t Lose Heart” and “Tripping on a Raft with Girls” from City Living in their entirety.] Visit Rue Snider online:

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