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Jul 27, 2015

Multi-instrumentalist and mastering engineer Nate Wood first came to my attention through his singing and guitar playing via a live performance. In addition to his three solo albums, Nate is also the drummer in the Grammy-nominated jazz fusion group Kneebody. As Nate states, the primary difference between his solo and group are the lack of his vocals. For the complete Nate Wood, one should turn to his excellent third album, Another Time (2014), performed and recorded entirely by himself.

Nate's Another Time is undoubtedly one of the best albums of 2015 despite its 2014 release date. Hey, it's new if you haven't heard it...and you definitely should. Available on iTunes:

Visit Nate online:                                                          


Talk Music Talk Playlist/037: The Steely Dan Mix
This week's playlist was inspired by Nate Wood claiming Steely Dan as one of his childhood influences. In this TMT mixtape, their seamless blend of jazz, rock and novelistic lyrics is covered from 1972's Can't Buy A Thrill to their Grammy Album of the Year comeback, Two Against Nature. It's over two hours of my favorite SD tracks. Enjoy!                                                                                


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