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Nov 8, 2015

With a four-octave voice and a madhouse sense of wonder, perhaps an influence of her Coney Island rearing, Carol Lipnik is not your usual cup of tea. She is without peers. Her buoyant performances are only equalled by the twisted beauty of her recorded output including this year's highly praised sixth album Almost Back to Normal. Released through her own Mermaid Alley imprint, it was generously funded by a grant from the Peter S. Reed Foundation. Produced by Jacob Lawson, who also played violin, Normal prominently features accompaniment by pianist Matt Kanelos who serves as the anchor to Carol's flights of fancy. Carol and Matt's musical collaboration can be experienced during their weekly Sunday residency at Pangea, an East Village cabaret and Italian-Mediterranean restaurant. New Yorkers? Run don't walk! Out-of-towners? Book your flight! Welcome to the wonderfully eccentric world of Carol Lipnik.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/045: Twisted Beauty featuring Carol Lipnik
Finally! The companion playlist to Episode 043's Twisfed Mister ( therattlecat/playlist/2ZGou55cornfqsbJXUIge6). The other side featuring the unconventional from the female point of view. This Spotify playlist was inspired by Carol Lipnik featuring two songs from her plus music from her influences Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro. I've also added plenty of my favorite artists from Kate Bush to Janelle Monae to Björk. Prescription: Listen to both playlists back to back for maximum oddness. Enjoy!  



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