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Aug 18, 2016

It's not often you bear witness to the eve of a musical movement. Floordoor Records first releases won't appear until late-September, but bloggers and social media are already hyped by the singles and videos that have been trickling out over the past few months. Not to mention a slew of incendiary live performances at the Bed-Stuy venue, C'mon Everybody. This September and October, Floordoor's inaugural two albums will arrive from A Bunch of Dead People and Public Speaking, the respective projects of founders Ruben Sindo Acosta and Jason Anthony Harris. Additional albums from label mates Supplier, My Love MHz and Eternal Garb will eventually round out the Brooklyn label's first wave. Their mission statement? Perhaps: hullabaloo and tumult in concert with harmonies and grooves. The fledgling collective plans to be a home for genre-daring music that attracts listeners who are as progressive as the artist roster. This podcast features a song a piece from A Bunch of Dead People and Public Speaking.

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