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May 26, 2015

It's Talk Music Talk Episode #30!!!

California-native SiairaShawn currently calls New York home, the city where she recorded her acclaimed 2013 EP, Ghost and single "Lamb". The singer-songwriter continues to expand and refine her new soul sound with her latest release Flowers While You're Here, a sonically-beautiful trilogy of EP's. Camellia, the first installment is out now with Lily and Iris following later in 2015. SiairaShawn is also a consummate altruist sharing her talent and expertise with youth in educational settings. Day and night, this accomplished artist is living a life of music.              Visit her online:


Talk Music Talk Playlist/030: The SiairaShawn Edition:
This week's Spotify playlist was inspired by SiairaShawn and her soulful, haunting music. To complement her highly-raised bar, it took tracks from the likes of Solange and FKA Twigs; new music from Roisin Murphy; remixes from Björk and the xx and of course, our shared favorite, Brandy! All of this wonderful music is bookended by SiairaShawn: something old and something new. Enjoy!


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"Liz (The Talk Music Talk Theme)"-FULL VERSION

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