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Sep 8, 2015

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Bryan Wade has created a practice to help musicians deal with anxiety called the Connected Musician or as Bryan explains: the intersection between music and mindfulness. Some musicians are at a loss for words between songs or judge themselves harshly at band rehearsals. Whatever the case, the CM is designed to allow musicians to fully enjoy their passion for music minus the tension and self-criticism. Even if you're not a musician you'll find plenty of transferable tips that will inspire more inner peace, along with discovering Bryan's personal journey of music, mindfulness and meditation.

For more information on Bryan Wade and The Connected Musician, visit him online:                                                        


Talk Music Talk Playlist/043: Twisted Mister                                                                                                                              This week's Spotify playlist, inspired by Bryan Wade's song "Voodoo Doll", which is featured on the podcast, is a tribute to wonderfully, off-kilter music by the male artist (with a female companion playlist coming soon!). Of course, my hero Frank Zappa makes the cut plus his comrade-in-oddness Captain Beefheart. Also: Daryl Hall like you rarely hear; Tom Waits with his defenses down; past TMT guest Nate Wood; a Frank Ocean epic and new music from Michael Stasis. Over 70 minutes of left of center pop. Enjoy!                                                        


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