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Oct 5, 2015

A renowned former music critic, Kandia Crazy Horse's journey from scribing about music to performing her own happened unexpectedly. A Country-Western blend is her milieu which naturally reflects her rural Southern roots of Hee Haw and 1960s-70s free-form radio. Her exquisite 2014 debut, Stampede, was awarded "4-stars" from the British MOJO magazine. This year will hopefully see the release of Canyons, the second installment of a planned tetralogy. Fingers are crossed!
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Talk Music Talk Playlist/047: Country-Tinted Dreams
This week's TMT Spotify playlist begins with the Country-Western sounds of Kandia Crazy Horse as the inspiration. From there it zig-zags through the Americana of the Handsome Family and Wilco, singer-songwriter heroes Townes Van Zandt and Gram Parsons, a country detour from Elton John, pure country from the Carter Family and classics from Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. All that and more in a varied 90 minutes of Country's best. Enjoy!



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