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Oct 13, 2015

1WayTKT are hardly your typical DJ/production duo. Comprised of DJ U-Kno and J-Glaze, their singular blend of house music and live trumpet infuses their performances with an energy and soul so often lacking in computer-generated EDM. The same heart can also be found in their recorded output which has collectively garnered over 500,000 plays on SoundCloud. From remixes to original cuts, every sound that 1WayTKT create is designed for maximum joy through BPM.

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Talk Music Talk Playlist/048: BPM Joy
This week's Spotify playlist is for the dancer in you. Inspired by 1WayTKT and the pleasure dance music creates this mix includes both past and recent favorites of mine: classic Gwen McCrae and Ten City to new music from Disclosure and Janet Jackson's comeback...and of course a selection from 1WayTKT. Enjoy!

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